Summer teenage adventure holidays

holiday plans for teenagers

Time to try a new type of holiday!

Our teenage activity holidays are not made for the mass market. Alternatively, we prefer the company of like minded guests in smaller numbers, who truely appreciate nature, sports and local culture. If your children enjoy the outdoors, meeting local people, pristine nature and experiencing exciting new horizons, then we are the right adventure travel company to contact. We have rafting and cycling holidays in Croatia, canyoing and kayaking trips in Slovenia, coasteering Turkey and Sailing trips. There is alot to discover and to consider, so don’t hesitate to call our offices for advice. We make holiday plans for teenagers everyday, so let us help you!

Teenage summer activities are a unique way to keep your children active and too learn valuable life skills. Of course, savvy parents appreciate the new era we live in. Social contact has transitioned from playing outside to playing on-line. But smart parents also understand how social media is devaluing our children’s social skills. As teens chase the never ending tweets, they are slowing regressing, glued to their smart phones & hiding their true selves behind a computer screen. Our family activity holidays are a way to combat this social fatigue and to remind teenagers the importance of making new friends and to try new things. These are the lessons as parents, we want to teach our children: to not be afraid, to have self confidence and to connect with others in a positive way. Since the birth of our company, every trip we design is made to encourage teens to become more confident & sociable, whilst having a lot of fun.

We have a variety of destinations awaiting you. The best places for teenage adventure holidays are our dedicated bases, but we also offer a tailor made service team. If you require a super luxury package, once in a life time trip or private family tour, then tailor making will suit you best. However, if your family would prefer to mix with other like minded parents and their children, then we hope to see you on our scheduled summer activity holidays. White water raft on gushing waters, camel ride into the Sahara desert, trek an active volcanoe or bathe in a skin cleansing mud bath. Our activities abroad are designed to suit everyone in the family from action hero to complete beginner. We provide the guides and equipment, you bring the – ‘I’m-going-for-it’ attitude!

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