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Hello there, thank you for choosing our travel company. This is the official booking form for Teenager Activity Holidays (a trading name of Vamos Travel Ltd). Please complete all the blank fields, where appropriate to your booking. If unsure of anything – please call our offices. We are always here to help.

Step 1 - Personal details

on behalf of all persons on this booking form understand that this booking is made subject to Vamos Travel ltd. terms and conditions of booking, which I have read and agree that I and all persons named on the booking form, will be bound by them and that I am over 18 years of age.

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Step 2 - Who's going

As evidence of communicating our terms and conditions with the group, the following details are required

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Step 3 - Flights

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Step 4 - Additional flight information

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Step 5 - Room requirements

Step 6 - Food requirements & health notes

If you or any of the people travelling with you have any dietary or allergy requirements please let us know. Likewise if you have any health, physical or mental issues please provide us with as much detail as possible.

Step 7 - Travel insurance

Remember to check with your insurance provider, that any activities booked are covered in your insurance policy. If unsure of the technical level of any of our activities, please do contact your travel manager.

Step 8 - Additional comments/requirements

Please let us know if you or any of the people travelling with you; have any special requirements [e.g. dietary, health, physical, mental or other] that we should know about in advance of travel or booking with us.

Step 9 - Payment instructions

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Step 10 - Terms and conditions