Ski safari perfect for families this winter

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The ultimate family ski trip !

Winter adventures for family vacations are becoming increasingly popular. Parents and teens alike want more than skiing and snowboarding. Teenager Activity Holidays is recognised in the industry for its award winning winter itineraries for teenage families. There are not many vacations where teens can ride their own husky packs, chase the Northern Lights on snowmobiles and sleep in ice hotels. Not only, are our tours professionally organised and led, but our guests benefit from travelling with two or three other like minded families.

Family winter active holidays are something to be cherished. Spending time with your teenage children in the fresh air, enjoying nature together, are the ever lasting memories. Our family trips are designed to be memorable. The vacation that stands out more than any other you can remember when growing up and travelling with mum and dad! Obstacles were overcome, fears were cast aside, exotic foods tried and new friends were made. There are a thousand and one ski packages to try, but very few true multi sport winter experiences to join.

A key factor in how we make your family active holiday effortless is the level of expert planning. We’ve professionally taken care of all the details, from Arctic winter clothing and transfers to daily planned tours and gala meals. Whether you’ve got young or Ibiza banging older teens, there’s a dream winter holiday out there with your family’s name written on it.

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