Multi active summer

Summer family activity holidays

Try incredible teenager activities and meet like minded family groups

Our family activity holidays include a wide range of destinations perfect for families that appreciate a balance of culture, organised sports, great food and meeting similar people. The best places for teenage holidays  are without a dount our dedicated teen bases, that focus on age matching. We know that most teenagers don’t like the idea of joining a teen club resort! Our approach is more organic, as families and teens engage through a mutual love of sports and nature.

Our multi sports holidays for teenage families are ground breaking in the level of specialisation to young adults. Everyday is designed with complete focus to keeping teens happy, active and engaged. At the same time, we want how vacations to be right for mum and dad too. Parents appreciate that their children will make new friends quickly, leaving them more space to chill and enjoy a glass of cold wine in the sun.

Trying activities abroad is often a new concept to families that contact us. So we want to assure you that although a solid foundation of fitness is recommended, you don’t have to be an Olympian to complete our daily tours. For example, during our popular weeks in Croatia families with teenagers enjoy our multi activity programs which include; white water rafting, canyoning, and cycling – and all of them are fully equipped and supported by a professional team. We’ll give you the skills, equipment and confidence. Our guests bring the smiles & laughter.

If you want a longer multi summer adventure possibly for 10 days or 14 nights, then definitely consider our 2 week activity holidays. We have created many two week active family trips, some of the most popular are Croatia, Slovenia, Turkey and Malta. Our 2 week multi sport itineraries, weave the ideal blend of relax days with action excursions like coasteering, jeep safari’s and sea kayaking. We can also tailor make your second weeks to your preferences, from private apartments to luxury villas.

family adventure in Turkey and Slovenia. Both countries have so much to offer, they have their active and cultural side. Once you’ve realized all the advantages of the active holidays you will be amazed how many interesting ways there are to explore a country. One of them is coasteering – very popular among teenagers and parents, which we do with the highest regards to safety. There are also ways like sailing around the coastline and enjoying a dip in the beautiful crystal clear sea. Come and join us for the adventure!

Family self drive holidays can offer the flexibility to enjoy multiple locations.  To make it easy for mum & dad (the chauffeur and navigator), we’ll have planned the routes and booked your overnight stays. In between the daily destinations, self driving gives families the freedom to create their own multi sport days out!

If you are considering multi sport holidays then please don’t hesitate to call our staff. We’ll happily share with you, where we are taking our on teenage children this summer.

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