Holiday destinations for teenagers & families

Holiday destinations for teenagers

Try a new type of holiday. Start your family adventure today!

Our holidays in Croatia and Slovenia are designed to keep everyone smiling. 20 years ago, we took it upon ourselves, to solve the frustration parents were having – ‘How to keep our teenagers happy?!’

When joining our adventures, you will meet similar families. Alongside our guides, you’ll have an immersive experience feeling the country you are visiting. Although English speaking groups, everything else will be Croatian or Slovenian. You’ll feel the local culture; enjoy the fresh foods and will be thrilled by our activities.

Our clients say its an unforgettable experience, as they feel the passion and connection with our guides and instructors. These are not your average off-the-shelf brochure vacations. Teenagers love to be with their own age group and parents love to bond with their children (without appearing to be cramping their teens style).

Budding up your children works perfectly for everyone. If you want fun times & less of the moody teen routine, come and join us this summer.

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