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Teenager activity holidays designs trips for families only. We follow Responsible Travel ECO friendly policies when operating our holiday programs.

Rest assured, we are 100% committed to creating the ultimate adventure travel experience for our booked clients. Our inhouse traval managers are all experts in their relevant fields, we only sell family activity holidays that we’ve personal inspected and we make regular seasonal trips to monitor quality.

Our company’s philosophy is straight forward. We have created sporty holidays for family groups, that bridge the perfect balance between thrills and relaxation. By age matching and only accepting similar aged children on our trips, family bonding couldn’t be easier.

Parents can relax amongst liked minded parents, whist the teenagers buddy up and make new friends. We like to focus our attention in small groups, and our guests really appreciate our friendly our tour leaders are.

Teenage adventure holidays are the best way to keep children active, and away from their phones & smart devices. Our trips almost instil a traditional style of family interaction, with teens socialising face to face, rather than behind their computer screens. Furthermore our teen focused adventure bases have all the ingredients to keep everyone happy.

Being ‘Eco friendly’ plays a big part in travelling with our company. We love nature, and we want to leave as little impact as possible in the areas we operate our teen activities in. We recycle and educate, and are heavily involved in local charities. It’s also very important to our us, to employ local people – so to benefit the local economy. For more information about our responsible policies please dont hesitate to ask us, and we can send you our ‘Action in the Community’ portfolio.

When you book adventure holidays for teenage families, we listen to your individual requirements and suggest the best  possible fit, from age to gender matching. Throughout the process, you will be allocate a dedicated manager without the need for call centre’s. Rest assured, everything will be co-ordinated with the greatest care and passion.

In summary, if your a family of outdoor enthusiasts and searching for teenager activity holidays abroad, then don’t hesitate to contact our family run company. Enjoy stunning countries, eat delicious local food, try wonderful new sports and support local communities just by booking a holiday with us.

Thank you for taking the time & interest to read this page, and we hope to hear from you soon.

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