May half term

Our May half term family active holidays offer the perfect opportunity to discover amazing destinations without the hordes people in the busy summer months of July and August. Travel to Turkey for its warm sea temperatures, sandy beaches and great food. Discover Malta’s historical charms and Gozo’s aqua waters. Walk the Sahara desert in Morocco, explore the labyrinth of streets in magical medinas and kayak across ancient islands. Mediterranean charm, sunshine and authentic experiences all await you this coming May.

In the spotlight, is our May half term activity holidays in Croatia. Find your own private coves, quiet beaches, secluded bays and enjoy swimming in the beautiful Adriatic Sea. Croatia has more than 1000 islands and we run our teenager activity holidays in the most beautiful locations, on and off the mainland.

The perfect family active holiday in May is a balance of activities and allowing enough time to relax around the pool or on the beach. It’s important that our guests feel the country they are visiting. We want you to try the regional foods and meet the local people, so you feel the essence of the country you are visiting. It’s important for our teenage children to learn with an open attitude and to grow confidence. We believe that our family activity holidays abroad do exactly that!

If you want to explore beyond Europe with us, then Morocco is a country we highly recommend. Visit Marrakech and learn to haggle, enjoy street food and rides camels into the Sahara. Our Morocco teenager adventures are very popular, and for those families with more time, can extend and try surfing on the coastline.

Fun is guaranteed this May half term, with our dedicated teen adventure bases! Explore beautiful countryside, discover stunning old towns, try a new water sport and indulge in gorgeous food. We look forward to seeing your family & teens soon!