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Thankyou for looking at our best selling teenage holidays. We are delighted to present our award winning trips designed for families with teens. We known that trips abroad with teenagers need a little bit more imagination, to keep them active and mood free. Our dedicated adventure bases cater for parents and teens, offering amazing adventure tours and plenty of time for relaxation.

Teenager from 12 to 19 are the perfect ages to be introduced to family activity holidays. Paddling down rapids with newly made friends, will boost their confidence and will certainly boost the parent cool status! Our tours do require a foundation of good fitness and appreciation of nature, but you don’t need to be the next Olympian to join us.

The real success of our company is our attention to age matching, and when we can gender matching. Having a teenage son or daughter buddy up with someone their own age is a great relief to mums and dads. During July and August, if you choose one of our top picks below from our best adventure holidays for families we would be very confident in finding the perfect match.

Enjoy watching your teen children less transfixed with their smart phones, and more engaged with nature, people and multi sports. With our diverse daily offerings, from canyoning to kayaking the whole family will experience the holiday of a life time! Find below the best selling teenage holiday destination that could be right for you this year. Don’t hesitate to call our expert travel managers, we love to talk travel.