With three times as many tourists visiting Malta than there are residents in the country, there is no doubt that Malta is an alluring destination. There are beaches for everybody, from sunbathers to surfers, creating a water sport paradise for fun loving travelers. In fact, the blue Mediterranean waters can be seen from pretty much everywhere on the Maltese Islands. Sea kayaking, wakeboarding, water skiing, paragliding and scuba diving are all enjoyed by tourists and locals alike. Additionally most of what you will eat is likely to come fresh from the sea.

Food is a big thing in Malta and you will be pleasantly surprised at the quality and abundance of fine dining options in Malta’s capital Valetta. Equally it is delightful to take part in some wine tasting, as Malta takes full advantage of their fresh, Mediterranean produce. A trip to the gorgeous old Medina known as the silent city will showcase Malta’s lap of luxury, for it is historically where the noble families reside (and still do!).

An ancient walled town, the narrow pavements are lined with majestic palaces that mix baroque and medieval architecture.  However, the country is drenched in prehistoric and cultural sites, some dating back thousands of years. Malta offers a super range of quality accommodations from affordable apartments through to magnificent luxury hotel resorts.

Our guests include short breakers looking for some culture, relaxation or winter sun; as well as active families, couples and solo travelers looking to enjoy this magical island. Please do contact our experienced team today to find out more about our Malta holiday options.